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N3N Resin Model Kits

I don’t know if anyone in our audience is “into” scale modeling, but Karaya (Poland) has resin kits of the N3N, #72005 is on wheels and #72006 is on floats. Don’t know when I will get around to building them, but I ordered both today:
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Two Ns at Idaho show June 29-30 – sponsorship rides!

UPDATE (from post comment):
Had a great time at the Warhawk Show flying formation with their N. Patrick Rediker was flying the museums airplane. He spent four years flying a Red Baron Stearman and he can fly very tight formation. Look on Youtube for “Warhawk Warbird Roundup and there are a few flying shots of us. Saturday morning I took 94 year old P-47 ace Dick Fleisher up and I let him fly all but the T/O and landing. He did a great job of flying the airplane and that was a lot of fun. The afternoon flights were in 100+ degrees and brutal in an open cockpit. Was 104 when I took off for home Sunday afternoon but had a good flight. DON

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