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I am continuing my work on the “Fleet” page. This page will shows all “complete” aircraft – that is to say – no basket cases. I appreciate any and all help to expand / maintain this directory of N3N aircraft.

UPDATE 5 (June 15): Added 8 aircraft this week, SIXTY NINE aircraft is the tally, I added updates on 1962 and 4477 that their owners sent to me this week.

UPDATE 4 (June 9): SIXTY ONE aircraft is the tally, the “Fleet” page has every complete aircraft that I have identified.

UPDATE 3 (June 6): I have identified 55 “complete” aircraft, I will begin entering them this weekend.
Based on the number of valid registrations, I am confident that there are another 40-50 that can be added as YOU FOLKS start passing along additional info.

UPDATE 2: The list is up, by Bureau number and by Registration. I ask for any and all input on this list.

I may add a “Projects” page at some time in the future. Right now my focus is on the complete aircraft…

UPDATE: I am starting put up photos and general information about the fleet. The style is shown by the first two bureau numbers that I know to be complete: 0719 (the known remaining -1) and 1760 (the second production -3).

I continue to need your help documenting the rest of the fleet. I welcome additions, put any leads / info / additions right here in the comments on this post.


3 thoughts on “Fleet page

  1. Tim Knutson

    Our family owns N45035 4421 and it is based at 3WN6 Knutson Farms Airport near Chetek, WI. My father the late John H. Knutson purchased the aircraft in 1990. It is powered by a Lycoming R-680 and flies every summer regularly. I will submit a “ghost story” associated with this airplane at a later time for your blog. Also check out this article about this N3N and also about bureau number 1760 owned by Brian Anderson.


    Tim Knutson

  2. David Jay Post author


    Thanks for your input. I am interested in “Guest” posts about the N3N – I want this to be an active and enjoyable place to “hang out”.

  3. JD Hathorn

    Re: N3N-3 Bureau # 4488
    Aircraft is currently owned by a father and son in FL. Both are former US Naval Aviators.


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