Mystery Aircraft #1 – Pearson “8”, N45178

UPDATE: FOUND IT! Talked to the owner today. He says it was in storage for about 10 years after he got it back from the loan to Pearson. It is back in the air now, based at PLU. Looks just like the picture with the #8 and speed ring around a 760-8 engine. Thanks to Gary Jennings for pointing me to the Spanaway field. They knew the whereabouts of the owner.

This is the first in a series “Mystery Aircraft” posts. Each aircraft is a mystery to me, but SOMEONE out there knows about this aircraft. Please comment on this post (or use the “Contact Us” page if you want more privacy) if can provide any info or point me in the right direction to find the answers:

2668 1994

Mystery Aircraft #1 is N45178, bureau #2668. This aircraft is shown on the Fleet page, but it may not belong there because the photo is from 1994. This is the oldest document trail I have on the fleet page, every other aircraft on the fleet page has been documented in the 2000s. In the photo – taken at the Pearson Museum – the aircraft has the ID number “8” on the fuselage and on the speed ring around a Wright 760.

I cannot find any update, so I am looking for current information. The final registration was to Everett Sherwood of Spanaway, Washington, which expired in 2013. I corresponded with the curator of the Pearson Historic Trust and he confirmed that the aircraft is not in their inventory and has not been for a long time.

Please help me out with this “known unknown”.



2 thoughts on “Mystery Aircraft #1 – Pearson “8”, N45178

  1. dchapton

    I wonder how many of those cowls are around. I used to fly N1120 and we thought that it was the only one with the stock cowl. They only made like 16 Ns with that cowl for the Coast Guard.

    1. David Jay Post author


      In addition to N1120, both N45178 and N51H have been flown with speed rings. Latest pictures on N51H don’t have it installed.

      I would be glad to email you contact info for Ken if you would like to talk to him about the history of his speed ring.


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