The blog just hit 3000 page views (counter is sitting at 3001 as I write this), in a little over 4 months. Thanks for the interest!

Top 5 pages: For Sale (389 views), Fleet (298 views), About (179 views), Documentation (121 views), Museum Aircraft (104 views)

3 thoughts on “3000 views

  1. Michael Wotherspoon

    I love looking at the pictures almost the nicest break I can take during my working day almost as nice as sitting back in my hangar and looking up at 4420 – C-FNMW – I really appriciate you putting a link to my first flight video

    Cheers and Best wishes Michael

  2. David Jay Post author

    Hey Michael:
    I am really glad you appreciate the site. The “Fleet” page is my favorite.

    All the best,

    1. Michael Wotherspoon

      Hello Dave: The weather is getting down to the freezing level – time to put the old girl to sleep and I am pouting about that. I will just have to fly my Navion and C 150 off of the frozen icey runways while dreaming about the spring – I sure hope I don’t forget how to fly the N3N in the spring 🙂 Have a great week.



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