An Aircraft Page for your “N”

Greg send me a bunch of information on his aircraft (Bureau # 2810, see the post immediately below this one) and I created a page for his aircraft. It made me realize that I can provide a history/archive page for any aircraft, not just the complete aircraft.

I originally created the “Aircraft Pages” feature to shorten the “Fleet” page. The fleet page now has a 1-2 sentence comment and a photo. All additional information is stored on the corresponding aircraft page and reached through the “More” link under the photo. You can also go directly to any aircraft page by moving your cursor over the “Aircraft Pages” menu at the top of the web page. A drop-down list of pages becomes visible:

Aircraft Pages

So if you want to archive/share any history on your aircraft (regardless of its current condition), just email me the aircraft information and any photos, my email is on the “Contact Us” page. I will create a page for your aircraft. Let me know if any of the information you provide to me should NOT be published (owner last name, etc) and I will respect your wishes.

Also, if your aircraft already has a page, please feel free to send me additional content or correct anything I have written. If I didn’t get the information from you then it is from public sources or another member of the N3N community (I really not clever enough to make these things up myself…)



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