Road Trip #2 – Pensacola !

I have a trip planned to the Museum of Naval Aviation with my buddy Harvey – we will be there on March 24 and 25.


If anyone is interested in a photo of a particular detail of 2693 (on floats) or 3046 (“89”, with wheels), I would do my best to get them. Harvey has a long telephoto so we should be able to get detail shots even though both birds hang from the rafters. There is a walkway near 3046, so my cheapie digital camera can get good shots of that bird.

BTW – I will also take other (non-N3N) photo requests. As long as it isn’t the N2S 😉


2 thoughts on “Road Trip #2 – Pensacola !

  1. Bill HIRZEL

    See if it has the small torpedo shape stabilizers on the wires as well as the therometer on the N strut on the float plane. Check and see if the tip float has an attachment for a rope .thanks ,bill HIRZEL


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