Revised “About” page and new “N3N vs Stearman” page

I have revised the “About” page to focus more on visual stuff for aircraft spotters.  I also added illustrations for my favorite analogy – Boeing vs Convair vs Douglas.

View the revised page here: About

N3N and Stearman

Then I added a new page entitled “N3N versus Stearman”. I moved the structural photos to the new page and added more details including a “Tale of the Tape” section with a bunch of dimensions. That page is a daughter page under “Specifications” (above).

View the new page here: N3N vs Stearman


1 thought on “Revised “About” page and new “N3N vs Stearman” page

  1. Bill Hirzel

    Good job , I have always learned that it was labeled —NAVY N3N-3 Convertible – Land, Sea, and Snow . I think. Keep up the good work!

    WJ Hirzel. 419 351 8598


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