The N3N Blog’s First Anniversary!

It has been a great first year! Anniversary Here are the highlights for me of this year:

  • The website has had some 8000 page views with visitors from 46 countries.
  • We have celebrated (2) restoration first flights: N45025 (Bureau #1778) and N45070 (Bureau #2804).  I look forward to more posts titled:  “Peril Up!”
  • I have found and pictured 90 intact aircraft on the fleet page. I am waiting for another picture right now.

I know so much more than a year ago. I have been an airplane “nut” since I was in middle school and I first soloed at 17, so I love hanger flying.  I have enjoyed each and every phone call with an N3N owner (I am also glad that I have an “unlimited” long distance plan!).  I have learned something from each of you. And we’re not done!

Coming attractions:

  • A “Restoration Projects” page where we can follow along as projects go from basket-case to airworthy – Mike Ponte and Joe Moriarty have duster restorations that will potentially fly in 2014.  I can hardly wait to write my favorite post title: “Peril Up!”
  • N3N-1 and Ag pages will be added in the historical photos section. The photo collection is mostly done but I need some time to upload the photos and arrange the pages.
  • The continuing countdown to 100 aircraft intact aircraft. I think I know where 4 or 5 are, so we will see how that project goes.
  • Stories – I am always looking for interesting things to post. Posting new stuff on a regular basis will keep people coming back to the website.  Please pass along anything that interests you – because it will probably interest the other owners.

Now it is time for your feedback. How are we doing and how can we improve our service to the “N” community? Please, PLEASE make use of the comment section of this post (top of the post, just below the title) to tell us how we are doing. You will be asked for an email address when you write a comment. I would appreciate your email to stay in contact but there is no verification on that field. Put in “” or something equally silly if you want to be anonymous. I still welcome your thoughts.

Keep ’em flying!


2 thoughts on “The N3N Blog’s First Anniversary!

  1. jdmcdaniel2014

    Congratulations David…this has turned out to be a first class and informative document…calling it a Blog just doesn’t serve it justice. We’ll have to get together this summer, possibly late June for a ride in our N. Jim N44963


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