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Ugliest Postwar Ag-Conversion Photo Contest: UPDATED

As I was putting together the N3N Ag page I ran across a number of truly ugly ag conversions. So I thought it might be fun to see what photos our readership has run across.

Here is my opening bid (fair warning, I have a hole card…), the Clevenger L-5 Stinson conversion:

Clevenger converted the L-5 into an ag aircraft by installing a hopper behind the pilot (think about the impact of a full hopper in the event of a crash), putting a Continental W-670 radial on the nose and adding a pair of Luscombe 8A wings to turn it into a biplane:

stinson L5 bipe Number 8

They built a number of these, Ron Dupas has the best summary on the aircraft and a tentative list of 13 registrations at the link here: Clevenger-Stinson

Let’s see what else you can come up with. Describe your nominee, provide a link in the comments (comment by clicking the “Leave a reply” link immediately under the title) or email me the photo (see the “Contact Us” page for the address) and I will insert it into the post. Then readers can comment on which is the best (worst?) of the bunch.

UPDATE: The Hole Card
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N3N Inverted Spin Video

This is a Navy department training film.  According to the film, at the time is was made (1943) the only Navy aircraft approved for inverted spins was the N3N-3 (and the film does say say N3N-“Three”).

Inverted Spin Recovery

This video has been discussed in the N3N Pilot’s Lounge (the Yahoo Group) but I recently ran across it on YouTube.  I have added it to the “Articles and Video” page on the menu at the top of the Blog.

A direct link to that page here:  Articles and Video