Ugliest Postwar Ag-Conversion Photo Contest: UPDATED

As I was putting together the N3N Ag page I ran across a number of truly ugly ag conversions. So I thought it might be fun to see what photos our readership has run across.

Here is my opening bid (fair warning, I have a hole card…), the Clevenger L-5 Stinson conversion:

Clevenger converted the L-5 into an ag aircraft by installing a hopper behind the pilot (think about the impact of a full hopper in the event of a crash), putting a Continental W-670 radial on the nose and adding a pair of Luscombe 8A wings to turn it into a biplane:

stinson L5 bipe Number 8

They built a number of these, Ron Dupas has the best summary on the aircraft and a tentative list of 13 registrations at the link here: Clevenger-Stinson

Let’s see what else you can come up with. Describe your nominee, provide a link in the comments (comment by clicking the “Leave a reply” link immediately under the title) or email me the photo (see the “Contact Us” page for the address) and I will insert it into the post. Then readers can comment on which is the best (worst?) of the bunch.

UPDATE: The Hole Card

Well, Don (see Comment 1 below) and I were on the same page, the T-6 biplane conversion. One internet source says it was built in Selma, Alabama, by R.C. Stroop, but I can’t confirm that. I challenge anyone to find an uglier Ag Conversion than the Biplane T-6 seen here:


I found that photo (and two more views of the same aircraft) at this site, with a bit of commentary: Photo Website

And if you can believe it, a guy who modeled the T-6 bipe in 1/72 scale plastic:


A link to his article (with construction details) is here: Scale Model

Any Challenges???


5 thoughts on “Ugliest Postwar Ag-Conversion Photo Contest: UPDATED

  1. Don Chapton

    I am trying to find a picture of the biplane T-6 done by Dempsey Flying Service. Top wing was the outer panels bolted together with some cabane and interplane struts.

  2. David Jay Post author

    I am a little surprised that there have been so few comments. I guess there aren’t very many folks who share my strange sense of humor.

    I’m going to submit my hole-card this coming weekend.

  3. Brian R. Baker

    I’ve seen those pix of the AT-6 biplane, and did a model conversion in 1/72 scale that was in I used the Heller kit, and it came out pretty well considering that it was a pretty bizarre aircraft. I’ve done a number of agplane conversions in 1/72 scale, but unfortunately, haven’t done an N3N yet, although I have lots of pix of them taken in the fifties and sixties in Arizona, where they were quite common. I’d be glad to correspond with anyone with an interest in those good airplanes. I worked for an operator in the fifties, but never did get to fly one.

    Brian Baker
    Sun City,. AZ

  4. Abe

    Regarding the Clevenger L-5 conversion. Albeit ugly, it was a effective platform that was able to spread dry sulfur on crops. Please note, that when these conversions were created, the aircraft were extremely cheap, and the conversions themselves were fairly easy and straight forward. I purchased a set of Clevenger L-5 wings about 25 years ago and used them as a pattern towards the restoration of my Stinson L-5E.


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