There has GOT to be a story behind this photo! UPDATE

I ran across this photo on the internet. The Buick appears to be a 1977-1979 model. Anyone know the story?

I am fascinated by the Quonset Hut in the background.

Whadd’ya think? Everybody is welcome to comment!

UPDATE: I had found only the above picture on the internet (one of the search engines, Google, Yahoo or Bing). The full story is at the link in the comment by mkhubbard. Here is another picture from that link – young Jeff and the float:


My, but how big you’ve grown…


8 thoughts on “There has GOT to be a story behind this photo! UPDATE

  1. David Jay Post author

    So MK – did you find a paint scheme you like? Did you scroll down through the whole the Fleet page?

  2. mkhubbard

    David: Absolutely. I’m partial to the yellow/red finish though the CG paints are rather attractive. On that particular hunt I was trying to dig up some information about factory finishes and markings. Still not very sure about the correct tone for the yellow or the interior finish.

  3. David Jay Post author

    All Navy primary trainers from the 1920s on (through WWII) were “Orange Yellow”. Today that color is specified as FS (Federal Standard) 13538. The red bands were for instrument trainers.

    I will send you an additional resource by email.


    1. mkhubbard

      I had guessed it was the “Orange Yellow” or somewhere close to, thanks for the confirmation and the additional resource.

  4. Jeff Houghton

    Yep there is a story on the float. Yes that is me. We were down in Mass for my sisters figure skating competition. My father and I snuck off to go see the Battleship at fall river. When we were there I went looking at a T-28 they had on display on the pier. Just off the wing covered mostly by a canvas tarp was the front end of a float. My father lifted it up just enough so I could slide under to verify our thoughts that it was for a N3N and it was when I found the data plate. We found a person at the museum to question on it and they thought it was a tip float for a PBY. Well after hearing the possible plans of making it a big canoe, my father offered a donation for it. 100.00 later and a quick trip to U-Haul for the cargo rack, we were headed back to the rink with our canoe 🙂 One of the comments going home that we heard was “Nice Yellow submarine”


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