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An N3N Ride!

Jim McDaniels graciously offered me a ride in his aircraft when we talked at Oshkosh-2013. He lives on the east side of the state of Michigan and I live on the west side. Our schedules did not line up until this past Monday. I drove over to the east side and… we went flying!

Jim’s aircraft is based at a user-owned airfield (i.e. the hangers are individually owned and with each hanger comes a share in the airport) in Romeo, Michigan.

Here Jim’s Aircraft:

1926 ride 1

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N3N Cartoon from Annapolis, 1947

Reader Mike is beginning work on a digital model of the N3N for X-Plane or FSX (MS Flight Simulator Version 10+).  We have been corresponding on paint schemes and other items.

He sent me this cartoon, drawn in 1947 by some budding artist in Training Squadron VN8 (the Naval Academy N3N squadron) with some extra time on his hands.  Enjoy!


(click on the photo to see a larger image)