An N3N Ride!

Jim McDaniels graciously offered me a ride in his aircraft when we talked at Oshkosh-2013. He lives on the east side of the state of Michigan and I live on the west side. Our schedules did not line up until this past Monday. I drove over to the east side and… we went flying!

Jim’s aircraft is based at a user-owned airfield (i.e. the hangers are individually owned and with each hanger comes a share in the airport) in Romeo, Michigan.

Here Jim’s Aircraft:

1926 ride 1

Here we are taxiing back in after landing:

1926 ride 2

And here is one happy camper!

1926 ride 3

I did a smart-phone video of Jim taxiing back to his hanger after fueling. The link to the YouTube video is here: N3N Taxi In


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