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Fleet page reaches 95 aircraft


If you go the fleet page (click here..) you will see that a number of aircraft were added in January. My favorite story is 2930, an aircraft that has been in a hanger at the Camarillo, California airport for 33 years. A few weeks ago I was told she is coming out to play. Her new home will be Chino Airport, otherwise known as “N3N Central”:

We are now within sight of 100 intact aircraft. With project aircraft returning to the skies every year, I expect that the N3N community will continue to have a fleet of over 100 aircraft for the foreseeable future.

If I don’t have your aircraft on the fleet page, what are you waiting for? Don’t make me hunt you down (and you know I will…), go to the “Contact Us” page and leave me a message or drop me an email at the address on that page.

The offer of a web page specifically for your aircraft remains open. Click on the “More” link below an aircraft on the “Fleet” page like 1778, 1926, 2636, 2865 or 4420 (the North-by-Northwest movie aircraft) to see what a dedicated web page looks like.


New Article on the Naval Museum Website

nnam-header-logoThe website for the National Naval Aviation Museum has a feature under “Education” called “History Up Close”. There are a series of articles in that section on a wide range of historical topics. If you like Naval Aviation I recommend you browse through the section.

They added an article on the N3N in September of 2014 (I just found it…). The article does not have a lot of new information but it’s a good summary. Photos will be familiar to those who have been through our historical photos (or on the WIX N3N threads). Link to the article here: