Revised “N3N Owners” website is up

Dust Cap NASM
The N3N Owners and Restorers Association website had not been updated for 6 years. The website has been given a complete makeover and the public area is up and running, check it out at

The “Members Only” area is under construction and should be up within a month or two. I will post an announcement when the members area goes “live”.


5 thoughts on “Revised “N3N Owners” website is up

  1. David Jay Post author

    That is the dust cap on the Hamilton Standard ground-adjustable prop, all N3N-3 aircraft left the factory with that prop (don’t know what was installed on the J5-9 of the early N3N-1s).

    If you want the image, I can forward it to you (use the “contact us” email).

    If you want the actual dust cap, they are a bit scarce. I heard tell that someone made replicas a few years back, but I don’t know who or if there are any available. Anyone know?

  2. Bar Eisenhauer

    Speaking of props, does anyone out there know if the 98″ H.S. was ever approved for the N3N-3 with the Wright. If so, is there paper work saying so. Type Cert. said 100″ to 102″ but, we just discovered a 98″ was put on in 1992 and 6 inspectors later we need to make this right and avoid $12,000 if possible. Any help, Bud and myself would be very grateful. Thank you, Bar


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