Road Trip[3] – Evergreen Air and Space Museum

From Grass Valley we worked our way up I-5 into Oregon.  We spent two days at the Evergreen Museum in McMinnville, Oregon.  Of course Evergreen is the home of the Spruce Goose, with one of the buildings built specifically to house her.

There is no way to get a picture inside the building that does justice to the scale of the Hughes H-4 Flying Boat, but here is one showing three of the four R-4360 radial engines on the port side wing:

The Evergreen Museum is home to an N3N-3, bureau number 2831.  She is authentic with the exception of the BT-13 style wheels.

Speaking of which, there is a BT-13 right across the aisle from the “N”:

The display board was really well done, even including an aerial view of the Naval Aircraft Factory:

I told one of the volunteers that I was impressed with the board and on our second day at the museum he introduced me to the museum curator.  I had the chance to share my appreciation for his detailed and accurate work in person.

Evergreen welcomes dry-camping in the parking lot for up to two nights.  So we shared our “campground” with, among other things, a NASA Gulfstream II:


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