Road Trip[4] – Seattle Museum of Flight

We headed north from McMinnville to our trip destination – the Seattle/Tacoma area – to spend time with extended family.  I took a half day to check out the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field, just south of the city of Seattle.

The Museum is located right on the flight line, next to the Boeing Military Delivery Center.  There were a line of KC-46 tankers and this Australian Air Force P-8 parked on the other side of the fence:


The Museum houses a great collection of aircraft, with an emphasis on Boeing types but there are plenty of other aircraft.  For instance, there is a Concorde and visitors are allowed to climb the steps and view the interior of the aircraft.  Here is a view back into the intakes of the port side Pegasus engines.


Those of you who are familiar with the Museum may be thinking “What does this have to do with the N3N?  There is no N3N at the Museum of Flight“.  And you would be mostly right.  But there is one little oddity…

They have the nice little 1928 Curtis Robin, “Newsboy” on display”.


I am enough of an aviation geek that I read all the plaques, here is what it says about the aircraft:


Whoa, what is this?  The Naval Aircraft Factory (N.A.F.) purchased the tooling and manufacturing rights from Wright to produce the R-760 engine.  The N3N-3 was a N.A.F. design, built entirely by the N.A.F. including the engine.  Wright originally designated the engine as the J-6-7 but later called the engine the R-760E.  The N.A.F. built engines for the N3N-3 are designated “R760-8”.

So someone in the curator’s office didn’t know what they were talking about, right?  Well, I waited for an opportune moment and stepped over the pedestrian barrier (security alert!) in front of the aircraft to snap this photo:

IMG_5897 closeup

Well I’ll be – an N.A.F data plate (serial number 937).  How about that!  So there is an N3N related exhibit at the Museum of Flight.


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