1926 2011

I had the opportunity to chat with owner Jim McDaniels at Oshkosh 2013 and he provided the following story:

Some years ago Paul Collins (Boise, ID) went to California looking for a project N3N. He returned with TWO: 1918 and 1926.

Paul rebuilt 1918 first. He flew it for a few years and later donated it to the Warhawk flying museum, so you can see that aircraft on both the fleet page as well as the museum page. There are also a couple of videos of 1918 flying, including the formation flight from 2013.

Paul had begun the restoration of 1926 when Jim made contact with him and asked if it was for sale. They made a deal before the restoration was completed, so the McDaniels had to wait a bit to bring their N home to Michigan.

The first photo above (also the photo on the Fleet page) is from Oshkosh in 2011. Here is 1926 at Oshkosh 2012:
1926 2012

2013 is the 3rd straight year that 1926 has been at Oshkosh.
1926 OSH 2013