I had the chance to stop by Bill Hirzel’s place in June of 2013. He showed me N582WH in the hanger:
2003 Hanger

He allowed me the privilege (?) of cranking the inertial starter. No, we didn’t pull the “T-Handle” inside the hanger. But I have a new appreciation for the effort involved in firing up one of these Wright 760s:
2003 Cranking

Bill is on his way to flying 2003 on floats. He has found a mooring site on the Maumee River, so he can keep the aircraft there through the summer months. Here the main float is getting a final coat of spar varnish on the teak rub-rails:
2003 Varnish

He plans to fly the aircraft to a waterfront airport on wheels, use a hoist to lift her up, then install the floats. The aircraft will be lowered onto a dolly and wheeled into the water. Here is Bill explaining the features of his dolly, which is under construction but approaching completion:
2003 Dolly