G-ONAF (Go N.A.F.) is the former N45192, now based in England.

Here is the earliest photo of 4406, the photo caption is “Kerrville, 1981:

4406 Kerrville 1981

Here is photo of this aircraft with a parachutist leaving the aircraft – from 1983.

4406 Parachute Jump

I also found a photo from England before she was restored to Navy colors:

4406 civil 3

There are lots of great photos of G-ONAF. I think that there are more serious aviation photographers in Europe than in the United States. Here are a few:

4406 over the fence

4406 two aboard

4406 2009

There’s even a video slide show of the aircraft here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSY3Su9Q37k