4477 2012

N44848 is based at Flabob airport in Southern California and is often seen flying at airport events. Jon details the history of 4477 as follows:

1941: NAS Corpus Christi, (VN11D-C).

1943: NAS New Orleans.

11-2-1943: Stricken.

1946: Sold to Marysville Seeding and Dusting, Yuba City CA.

1986: Converted from a duster to current configuration, 300 HP Lyc. installed. owned by Ken Buck, central California.

1999: Sold to Chief Harry “Ron” Kempka currently head of the N3N association and N3N guru.

2008, Sold to me. Airplane is the central rides airplane for all our events here at Flabob Airport. see http://www.flabob.org.

4477 Early

Jon continues:
I had it recovered and repainted a few years ago. The markings are certainly not authentic, but tell a personal story. I was the commander of the 71st Fighter Squadron (F-15), thus the 71 side number, Our squadron color was red, thus the red fuselage band. Our squadron call sign was “Iron” short for “Ironmen”. My personal call sign was Iron 01, which is painted under the rear cockpit. The front cockpit has Chief Ron Kempka painted on it as honorary plane captain. Ron and I are old friends having worked together at airshows for many years, were it not for Chief Kempka, there would be very few N3Ns in the air.
4477 Tribute