Articles and Video

This page has links to articles and videos.  I am adding them as I find them so check back from time to time:


Bill Robinet (owner of N61072 bureau # 2636) has published a book about flying N3N dusters in the 1950s: By The Skin of My Teeth, A Cropduster’s Story
Link to his website:


NEW! N3N:The Original “Yellow Peril” on the Naval Aviation Museum website:

Air and Space (3022 restoration):

EAA (Bill Hirzel):

Canadian Aviation History Museum (Bill Thompson):

Flying Magazine (Brian Anderson):

Evergreen Museum Newsletter:

Aero-News, ferrying “33” to the Olympic Air Museum in 2002:


NEW! N3N Inverted Spin Recovery (Navy Training Movie):

N3N formation flight at Warbird Roundup 2013 ((Nampa, Id):

Inertial Starting (4376):

Sanders Aeronautics N3N (2986):

Lake Tahoe Flight (2585):

Naval Cadet First Solo (N3N-1 on Floats):

Three point landing on a grass strip and taxi in (4376):

Landing at Myricks (1801):

Takeoff (4376):

Warhawk Museum N3N (1918):

Stuart Wells interview (2952):

Albany (OR) Air and Art Festival 2008 (2636):

Creswell Fly-in 2011 (2636):

Bayport Antique Aircraft Fly-in (1991) – Taxi out and takeoff:

Creswell Fly-in 2013 (2636):

And finally, a video of a radio control model N3N: