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Airventure 2015 (Oshkosh)

I spent 3 days at Oshkosh last week. Had a great time and saw lots of aircraft, including this personal favorite:
Mossie at OSH
The aircraft is from the Fighter Factory in Virginia Beach. I talked to the owner, he now displays his N3N on floats. If anyone has a picture of the aircraft on floats I would like to update my museum page.

I talked with several owners, including Dennis, Matt, Brad, Jim and of course Ron. Those of you who said you were coming and didn’t make it missed a great time. The weather was nearly perfect: low 80s most days and plenty of sun.

We had a place in Warbirds for the 80th Anniversary. Here is a photo of #1926 (foreground) #3033 (background) in the late afternoon sun (photo: owner Scott):

3033 OSH 1

Here is owner Brad working on some fabric skills in Ron Kempka’s area:

Brad flies Fabric One