This page is for documents that I own and links to outside sources of information on the aircraft.

Here are Navy Pilot Handbooks for the N3N-1 and the N3N-3, plus a pilot introduction filmstrip:

NAF N3N-1 Pilot Handbook
NAF N3N-3 Pilot Handbook

Here are Navy Maintenance Manuals for the aircraft and the manual for the Wright 760:

N3N-3 Airframe Maintenance
N3N Service Bulletins & Engineering Changes
N3N-3 Airframe Erection & Maintenance2

Here are a nice set of three-views. The title block says that they were drawn for the AAHS Journal in 1961:

N3N-3 Page 1
N3N-3 Page 2
N3N-3 Page 3

WordPress doesn’t seem to like the .BMP format of the original, but I have these drawings available as .BMP images (2.8MB each page). Use the email on the “Contact Us” page to let me know that you want a copy.

Here is Jack McKillop’s article about the N3N. Among other things it gives the Bureau numbers for the plane:
Jack McKillop: N3N Yellow Peril

Here is the Wikipedia page (yea, I know – don’t trust Wikipedia, but they have some nice photos):