For Sale

Want to own an N3N (or perhaps just ONE more)? The following aircraft have been listed publicly for sale. No promise of accuracy or currency. I just find them on the Web (or people send me things) and provide info here:

(last update: October 31, 2019)

Complete Aircraft:

– N44769 (Bureau #2598) is for sale in Chico, California. Has a Lycoming R-680 engine with 1499 hours since major.

2598 2011


– Bill has eight project airframes and he is willing to part with one or two. He has possible projects priced from the low-teens to sixty thousand. The mid-teens aircraft is airframe only, with the major components firewall aft. It is a former duster, so converting it back to “two-holer” configuration would take some scrounging for front cockpit parts. For $60,000 you can have a complete aircraft that was never a duster with a R-760 and a main float. He has several other airframes in between those two, give him a call. You can reach Bill @ 419-351-8598.

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