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N3N 80th Anniversary – OSHKOSH 2015

UPDATE, January 2015:
With the new year we are starting to get reports from those who are planning to make the trip. I am listing those who are currently planning on being at OSH and those who are thinking about it. Please let me know if you planning on making the trip – I want to give a heads-up to the Warbirds flightline manager as early as possible.

1911 (N1940N)
1926 (N44963)
2734 (N45222)
2896 (N2896)
3032 (N44843)
4421 (N45035)

2781 (N44741)
2865 (N773N)

Now that Oshkosh 2014 is over, lets begin planning an 80th anniversary celebration at Oshkosh 2015!

We have had lots of birds at OSH over the years (pictures below), but how about if we put together “the big one” for the 80th anniversary of the N3N first flight (August 23rd, 1935)?
OSH Crop2865 OSH1994 20113060 19901926 20114448 20072734 Oshkosh 2011 with 20%1760 OSH 20044421 2007a

This may be the last major get-together for some of our current owners.  I don’t want to be a “downer”, but more than a few of today’s owners will not make the trip to Airventure 2035 for the 100th anniversary of the N3N.

A co-worker of mine is Airventure warbirds flightline co-chair. He says he can reserve a row in Warbirds for the N3N if we tell him before the Airventure winter planning meeting.

What do you say?  It would be wonderful if we could get 10 or 12 aircraft to Airventure 2015.  I know that most of you are unfamiliar with commenting on blogs, but I really need to hear from you on this one! Click on “Leave a Reply” at the top of this post to leave your thoughts or send me an email (shown on the “Contact Us” page.  I will start making a contact list and get an aircraft count.

P.S. If one of you “not so young” owners doesn’t want to fly solo to OSH, I would be glad to fill the other cockpit and “spell” you. I haven’t made a tail-dragger landing in about 40 years (first solo was in a Cub), but I can keep the wings level and maintain a heading on two hour legs.


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