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Welcome to The N3N Blog!

Welcome to the world of the N3N. If this is your first visit, check out the “ABOUT” page (above) to learn about the Naval Aircraft Factory N3N aircraft (and the blog name). Other popular pages are the “FLEET” page showing all the intact aircraft (over 75 80 85 90 95) that I have located thus far and we are continually adding content to the historic photos pages. (This post is a “sticky”, it will stay as the top post. New posts will appear below, newest first.)

The N3N Blog’s First Anniversary!

It has been a great first year! Anniversary Here are the highlights for me of this year:

  • The website has had some 8000 page views with visitors from 46 countries.
  • We have celebrated (2) restoration first flights: N45025 (Bureau #1778) and N45070 (Bureau #2804).  I look forward to more posts titled:  “Peril Up!”
  • I have found and pictured 90 intact aircraft on the fleet page. I am waiting for another picture right now.

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Revised “About” page and new “N3N vs Stearman” page

I have revised the “About” page to focus more on visual stuff for aircraft spotters.  I also added illustrations for my favorite analogy – Boeing vs Convair vs Douglas.

View the revised page here: About

N3N and Stearman

Then I added a new page entitled “N3N versus Stearman”. I moved the structural photos to the new page and added more details including a “Tale of the Tape” section with a bunch of dimensions. That page is a daughter page under “Specifications” (above).

View the new page here: N3N vs Stearman