Road Trip!

I was passing through Denver on Friday and I had an open day in my schedule, so I gave Ron Kempka a call to see if he could host me for the afternoon.

Cheyenne is about an hour and a half drive up I-25 from Denver and only 20 miles or so past CO/WY state line:


Ron’s place was not hard to identify:


He has a great view out the dining room window of the house (everyone should have a few “N” fuselages out back):


He also gave me a tour of his barn and shed. Lots of cool stuff – I need to add Ron’s contact information to the support page:

We had a great time talking N3N stuff with occasional lapses into Connies, R-3350s and such. I wanted to learn as much as I could. I am particularly interested in the requirements to support the “N” in the future so we talked a lot about parts availability and what parts may need to be sourced to “keep ’em flying”. A special thanks to Edna for inviting me to stay for dinner.

One result of the visit is that I will be picking up some responsibilities for the N3N Owners and Restorers Association, in particular maintaining the website. More to follow later on that…


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