PERIL UP! N9611 (2930)

I mentioned this aircraft a few months ago.  She was earthbound for 33 years (in a cozy hanger) at Camarillo Airport.  On April 12 she flew from KCMA to her new home at KCNO.

The owner’s good friend Ryan was the one who coordinated the effort to get this lady back in the air.  The good folks at Victory Aero Tech performed a lot of the work (and their pilot flew the aircraft).

Here are a photo of her all cleaned up and ready for the flight:


6 thoughts on “PERIL UP! N9611 (2930)

  1. Ryan Mountjoy

    I am so thrilled to have her home in chino, the trips to Camarillo to the hangar there were once every four or five months and no attention paid to her it took selling the last hangar forcing Matt and I to get her back up and flying again. I have been anxious for years to do so but time was always a factor. During the closing of the hangar sale Matt was hospitalized and we almost lost him, thru his slow recovery I would update him on progress of the N3n which would always make him smile. The plane was in great hands at aero victory tech Matt shubin did a wonderful job going the full distance bringing her back to life and what a difference he made. He is one of the best and Most honest guys out there. now that she is in chino everyday she gets special attention paid to her. I will have her out during the planes of fame air show this coming weekend stop on by and take a look at her if your around.

  2. Ryan Mountjoy

    Sadly early this November we lost Matt, He looked after me as is I was one of his grandchildren and someone who would do anything to help, every time I would hang up the phone with him he would always say “is there anything I could do for you.” I would always laugh and tell he he has done way to much as is. The N3N “big bird” nick name I created for her which Matt thought was a good name, I was on a mission to make sure she was in tip top condition for the next following air show annual fresh and thanks to David finding an Original photo of her I set out to bring her back to look as she was in the photo and suprise Matt oppon his arrival the day before the show. Thanks to my good friend Mike Koot he scaled and printed everything and did a wonderful job on the install. What a difference just like a new plane, The look on Matts face was unforgettable could not take his eyes off of her. Every day I see bigbird and I smile, cause I am sure he still is. I have been keeping her up in the sky was flown two weeks ago and still at chino, bigbird remains in the family where she belongs. I will try to figure out how to get some new current photos posted up and a video of her up in the sky.


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