Fleet Page reaches 80 aircraft

I hit a milestone today – I added the 80th aircraft for the Fleet page.

I talked to Jason today, He owns N678ZB (bu. 4450) and he bases it in Towanda, Pennsylvania. UPDATE: Photo of 4450 is up on the fleet page.

Jason gave me a couple of details about his aircraft and history. He acquired it from had it painted by Mike Posey and it has a Pratt and Whitney R-1340 engine. Is this the only airworthy N3N with a -1340 out there? I would love to hear if there are any others, leave a comment…

There are still more aircraft out there – I have about 20 leads to follow up on right now. The search is getting more challenging since each aircraft I find reduces the pool of unknowns. Every find is becoming a major event for me. My best guess: The N3N fleet is between 90 and 100 complete aircraft, with the total slowly growing as more restorations are completed. I have a list of 3 restorations that are nearing completion – I will be starting a “Projects” page shortly so we can encourage those of you who are actively working on your aircraft.

Comments are open, feel free to post your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Fleet Page reaches 80 aircraft

  1. David Jay Post author

    Wouldn’t it be great if the T-6 fleet didn’t have a place to park because Warbirds was filled with N’s?


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